JENNIFER WEISBORD | Cha Cha's Bat Mitzvah

Cha Cha's Bat Mitzvah

November 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Cha Cha's Bat Mitzvah, November 4th at the Helen Mills Theater on 26th Street

The service was led by her cousin Rabbi Caren who mentored Cha Cha over the past year.  Family and friends filled the theater including her Grandma and Great Aunt along with many Nightingale school friends.  Cha Cha did a wonderful job reading from the Torah and explaining her mitzvah project.  Once the afternoon service finished the guests moved upstairs to a big loft party space. Cha Cha led Havdala which signals the end of shabbat. Let the festivities begin with cocktails, dancing and a buffet dinner.  The kids had a blast never missing a beat as their feet moved along to the colorful lights illuminating the walls.  The energy of dancing feet vibrated along to the music. 370A3627370A3627 370A3743370A3743 370A4095370A4095 370A4143370A4143 370A5037370A5037 370A4670370A4670 IMG_8308IMG_8308 IMG_8333IMG_8333 370A4975370A4975 370A5118370A5118 370A5227370A5227 370A5237370A5237