JENNIFER WEISBORD | Summer at Camp Yomi

Summer at Camp Yomi

June 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Its Official! NYC Schools are out for the SUMMER! And this means Camp Yomi starts tomorrow and I go back for my 6th summer teaching Photography and documenting all the summer fun.  So grateful for my happy place away from the hot, stinky city!!  Here's a few favorite photos to get everyone excited for summer camp days.



073015_Yomi_wk5_jw_081073015_Yomi_wk5_jw_081July 30, 2015: Tennis Unit 3 elective,
Camp Yomi, summer 2015

photo by Jennifer Weisbord

071217_Week2_038071217_Week2_038{mod date}- Week 2, Camp Yomi, 2017.

370A2363370A2363Nature at Camp Yomi.
370A9673370A9673Yomi Camp 2017
073015_Yomi_wk5_jw_103073015_Yomi_wk5_jw_103July 2, 2015: Free Swim, Camp Yomi, summer 2015

photo by Jennifer Weisbord
073114_wk5_15073114_wk5_15July 31, 2014: Camp Yomi, summer 2014

photo by Jennifer Weisbord