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Fink Family Photos

August 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was the photographer at Kristina and Zach's wedding in 2006. I love when brides and grooms call on me to continue to document their monumental milestones in their lives.  When they wanted photos of their baby girl they called and I was there. Now that Serena is almost 5 we've re-connected for a family photo session.  It's so much fun to continue to document couples as their family grows. I love to see their children go from babies to big kids and develop their own personalities.

Thank you Kristina, Zach and Serena for making my job so much fun!  I was all smiles!  


Westside Loft, January 2006

6060Serena Kalliope Fink 5 months old. 2626Serena Kalliope Fink 5 months old. 3838Serena Kalliope Fink 5 months old. 5050Serena Kalliope Fink 5 months old.

370A0781_2370A0781_2Family Portrait of Kristina, Zachary and Serena Fink.                                        

                                 370A0800370A0800        370A0802370A0802

                                 370A0715370A0715          370A0748370A0748 370A0725370A0725

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Fink Family Photos
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